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The Duck-Rabbit
4519 W Pine St
Farmville NC 27828
ph: 252.753-7745
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Paul Philippon
The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, Inc.
Phone: 252.753-7745
Fax: 252.753-7261

New North Carolina Brewery Specializes in Dark Beer

(FARMVILLE, NC – 9/3/04) North Carolina beer lovers see a new face at taprooms and beer stores. The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, which opened in the eastern NC town of Farmville in June, specializes in dark beers. In late August, the new microbrewery started selling Duck-Rabbit Porter, Duck-Rabbit Brown Ale, Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, and Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale in kegs and bottles to select accounts. According to Paul Philippon, brewmaster and founder of the company, “There are rich dark beer traditions that are under-represented in our beer market. As a dark beer specialist, The Duck-Rabbit has a great opportunity to serve a thirsty niche of specialty beer lovers.”

Jeremy Erb, The Duck-Rabbit’s Director of Marketing, says “I’m working to get these wonderful ales into as many hands as possible. The response to the beer and to the packaging has been really gratifying.” Erb and his brewery reps are selling in the Triangle area and will expand from there into the rest of the state. In addition to the direct attention to retailers, the company is reaching out to beer drinkers through print advertising and appearances at area beer festivals.

A Logo With a Story

All Duck-Rabbit beers display the brewery’s logo, a silhouette which can look like a duck’s head or a rabbit’s head, depending on the viewer’s perspective. “Before I was a professional brewer, I taught college philosophy. A version of the duck-rabbit picture appears in a philosophy book I admire and I wanted to use a logo that recalls my former life,” explains Philippon. Erb connects the logo with the company specialty, saying, “Many people don’t see beyond their first impression of a dark beer: color. The Duck-Rabbit line-up demonstrates that different dark beers can be refreshing, thirst-quenching, hoppy, balanced, and robust. With our beer as with our logo, a second look might reveal something you didn’t expect.”

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